North American Birds
Photo Gallery

by Peter LaTourrette
Burrowing Owl animation
Each bird name in the list to the left is a link to a page with one or more low-resolution files of publication-quality images of that species. Most of these images will print well at sizes up to 8x10 or larger. A few will not, and they carry the warning: “print no larger than 4x6”
An alternative to scrolling through the species list is to use the search box below. You can search for a species name, or even for a location or a date. Use quotation marks to combine separate words into a single search phrase, such as “May 2013”

The number of species illustrated currently stands at 515. Keep checking back, because new species and photos are continually being added.
The photos displayed here can be licensed for one-time use for reasonable fees, delivered as digital files prepared to the user’s exact resolution and format requirements.
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